“She brings the perfect combination of heart and strength to her clients, knowing just what is needed in every moment. This is the hallmark of a masterful coach”

julia curtis coaching

I would recommend Julia Curtis without hesitation or reservation

It is hard to put into words how much Julia has meant to our firm. It is also significant to me that my first “official” interaction with Julia was also my first day at Plexus. She led us through an off-site

Jay Jester, Partner
Plexus Capital

Profound impact on my career and professional development

Julia’s coaching over a span of about one-and-a-half years has had a profound impact on my career and professional development. Julia’s coaching approach relies on attentive listening, helping her clients uncover stories their minds weave, and turning those stories into

Basia Coulter, Ph.D, Strategist

Her attentiveness, questions, and gentle encouragement propelled me forward

I highly recommend Julia for a mentor/coach. Julia was my first mentor coming out of Raleigh Coaching Academy and I was grateful for each of our sessions. I always felt that her attentiveness, probing questions, and gentle encouragement propelled me

Michelle Woods, M.Ed., ALC
Woods Life Coaching, Wake County Public School System

Masterful at drawing out clients’ strengths and opportunities

Julia is fantastic! She is a highly skilled and attuned listener, and is masterful at drawing out clients’ strengths and opportunities. I appreciate her candor, optimism, professionalism, and ease with which she breaks down complex issues into manageable pieces. I

Liz McFarlane, Director of Development
Durham Technical Community College

Working with Julia really has transformed my way of thinking

Working with Julia really has transformed my way of thinking and opened up opportunities that I previously thought were maybe not possible, or at best, far into the future. An example of this was discussing the sale of our business

Rick Hughes, Principal
The Medical Consultancy

She will equip you to not only survive, but to thrive in your new environment

I recently had the pleasure to work with Julia as my professional coach. She helped me navigate the uncertainty, fear, anger, helplessness, and even grief associated with changes happening in my workplace and the loss of my father. She is

Tonya Hodgkins, Head of Row Crop Seed Production
Bayer Crop Science

Was able to connect with a diverse group and helped to facilitate an amazing experience!

I recently had the opportunity to work with Julia where she was part of facilitating coaching training at the Raleigh Coaching Academy. Julia was amazing, she had her finger on the pulse of the class, had a great handle on

Tim Johnson, VP, HR & Recruiting
Epic Games

Strong, yet heart centered leader and coach

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Julia since 2015 as a colleague and fellow coach at Raleigh Coaching Academy. She is a strong, yet heart centered leader and coach. Julia exemplifies confidence, compassion and class! Her wisdom and expertise

Vahbiz Schroff, Ph.D., ACC, Owner & President
Living Your Best Coaching

She is the very definition of an authentic leader, a natural coach, and a skilled facilitator

I feel very fortunate to have connected with Julia at Quintiles. She is the very definition of an authentic leader, a natural coach, and a skilled facilitator. Julia’s strength as a career and business coach is bolstered by her broad

Kristina Hayes, VP, Organization Development & Talent Solutions
Vital Talent

She distilled the most important directives into manageable reminders that I use daily

If you suffer from “paralysis by analysis” (like me), you need a person with x-ray vision to see past the curtain of chaos and show you the light at the end of the tunnel. Julia Curtis has the intuition, emotional

Ashley Young, Research Agreements Manager
Duke University School of Medicine

She has been like an angel on my shoulder

Julia has supported me for six months as a career coach and counselor, assisting me as I transition from my second go-around of graduate school back into a leadership role in the workplace. She has been like an angel on

Kathryn Lawrence, MS, MBA, VP of Business Development
Redbud Labs

Inspiring to make you be the best you can be

I have known Julia Curtis personally and professionally for the past 16 years. My first encounter with Julia was when we were asked to help launch a newly created GE (General Electric) Women’s Forum. As a pioneer of the Women’s

Elizabeth Schuette, MBA, AMP, Account Development Manager
Genworth Mortgage Insurance

She is completely client-focused

I had the good fortune of connecting with Julia as a coach through my MBA program at Meredith College. Julia has a wealth of experience not just in the operations of business, but had so much to offer in our

Emily Buccola, MBA, Practice Administrator
Blue Ridge Dermatology Associates

She has the ability to connect with people

As a peer and co-facilitator it is my privilege to recommend Julia. Leading teams through Change takes a unique set of skills of which she excels. Julia is strategic and organized as we planned our working sessions. More importantly she

Larry Rosenberg, Change Leadership Consultant
Pivot Better

Julia is a gifted and insightful coach

Julia is a gifted and insightful coach. After meeting her at Quintiles, I was so fortunate to re-engage with her at the Raleigh Coaching Academy. She provided valuable, specific feedback to me and all members of my coaching cohort. Her

Catherine Robinson, M.Ed., PCC, Executive Coach & Consultant
Interact Coaching and Consulting

Julia’s coaching and support have been invaluable to me

Julia is able to smoothly flex between the role of coach and mentor based on what the client needs. She uses creative problem solving approaches to help clients view challenges from different angles while always remaining authentic to help the

Cindy (Gage) Baudoin, Director, Talent + Performance Management

She is truly a gifted coach

Julia is one of those rare “natural” coaches. She has awe inspiring intuition!! Combine that with compassionate listening skills and authentic presence and you have someone who knows exactly the right questions to ask in order to remove the clutter

Laura Neal, ACC, CSD, Founding Partner
Assenter Coaching