Inspiring to make you be the best you can be

I have known Julia Curtis personally and professionally for the past 16 years.

My first encounter with Julia was when we were asked to help launch a newly created GE (General Electric) Women’s Forum. As a pioneer of the Women’s Forum, Julia laid the foundation for a Forum that is robust, respected by our business leaders and is still going strong. Julia’s dedication to that initiative 16 years ago has created a resource that is still strengthening and empowering women in our business today. It has helped guide many GE/Genworth career women to progress and evolve into roles they would not otherwise have thought they had the confidence to try.

The Women’s Forum is just one of the many ways Julia demonstrated her Coaching and Mentoring skills. As Julia transitioned into the HR role of Director, Organizational Effectiveness, she brought creativity to coursework, introduced innovative networking opportunities and leadership interactions that strengthened our GE/Genworth workforce. She raised the bar for future HR leaders.

Julia is a trusted advisor who will seek to be honest, constructive, motivating and inspiring to make you be the best you can be.