I provide executive and leadership coaching to help individuals become their highest and best self.

Julia curtis coaching a client

My coaching guides a client towards self-discovery so they can determine what is ideal for their authentic self.

As a leader, it really can be “lonely at the top”. Often you don’t have a trusted confidant with whom you can discuss issues or situations, without feeling judged or being concerned about personal agendas or confidentiality.

I enjoy working with all levels of leaders, from increasing confidence for someone in a new role, to helping an executive become a stronger leader. 

I excel at:

  • Understanding the tremendous complexity and pressure of a highly matrixed and international business
  • Providing leaders a confidante with whom they can brainstorm issues and situations
  • Helping newly promoted leaders with on-boarding and assimilation into a new or expanded role
  • Guiding leaders to rediscover and develop their own inner wisdom, creativity, and strength


I design and facilitate meetings, sessions & workshops to achieve my clients’ goals.

Sometimes only an independent expert facilitator can bring the neutral tone and structure that you need for a complex discussion or situation.

I have been facilitating meetings and projects for over 25 years. I help design meetings that maximize participants’ contribution through creative and fun solutions. I have many years of advanced facilitation experience using GE’s Work-Out and Change Acceleration Process (CAP) models. 

I am a trusted confidant with whom you can feel comfortable discussing highly sensitive and confidential matters.

I excel at:

  • Designing creative and effective meeting agendas
  • Navigating complex situations and team dynamics
  • Providing independent and insightful perspective on how to get to the heart to the matter