julia curtis coaching

“Julia is a trusted advisor who will seek to be honest, constructive, motivating and inspiring to make you be the best you can be.”

I offer coaching and facilitation to help individuals, leaders, and organizations realize their greatest potential. 

I became a leadership coach after working 25 years within various global corporations. Those years with GEGenworth, & Quintiles (now IQVIA) provided me with amazing experiences, learning, skills, and relationships. Now I am taking the best of what I learned and focusing it on the work I love most. 

I help people at all levels and stages of their career become better, stronger, and more confident leaders.

Do you want to:

  • Show up as a stronger, more confident, and capable leader?
  • Improve your performance in your current role?
  • Start off your new role as the leader you know you can be? 
  • Brainstorm issues with a trusted coach and advisor?
  • Maximize the effectiveness of an important meeting or workshop?

Working with my own coach helped me find the strength and courage to take my leap of faith. What “leap” do you dream about? Want to be happier in your work and your life? Coaching helps!

“Julia is the very definition of an authentic leader, a natural coach, and a skilled facilitator.”

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Yes, coaching works!
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